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You know you need to invest in great leadership but you’re not sure how or why?

Do you spend money on leadership development but don’t know whether you’re getting value for money?

Do you want a better way of targeting and measuring the return on your investment?

Do you feel you’re doing things that aren’t delivering the results you need?

It's time to find your Leadership EDGE® with Ylead

Data-driven insights and benchmarks

Unambiguous measurement of results

Personalised roadmap for developing your leadership

1-1 guidance from experienced leadership coaches

Development actions targeted to have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time

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Ylead and Jeremy have helped raise my self-awareness, which has enabled me to transform my impact as a leader in a surprisingly short space of time.
The areas identified and implemented have made a huge difference to my mindset and job satisfaction, which I am very confident has already started to make a positive shift in the culture of my team. Thank you.”

Senior VP, Global Bank

This process has given me time to consider and act on my development from a position of strength. The support and challenge has had a real impact on my team and they in turn are feeling more engaged and productive.
This process ensures leaders maintain an eye not only on the organisational and business aims, but that they do it with the wellbeing and development of their employees at the centre.”

Head of Operations, College of Higher Education

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